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  • 09 okt 2018 om 03:30 MstislavFib MstislavFib

  • 09 okt 2018 om 02:44 Fedoseymex Fedoseymex

  • 09 okt 2018 om 01:58 IvanEmero IvanEmero

  • 09 okt 2018 om 01:12 Vitaliybag Vitaliybag

  • 09 okt 2018 om 00:26 BorisEntit BorisEntit

  • 08 okt 2018 om 23:39 Martynmok Martynmok

  • 08 okt 2018 om 23:03 nstiagok nstiagok

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  • 08 okt 2018 om 22:53 Avdeyenect Avdeyenect

  • 08 okt 2018 om 22:08 Petrjet Petrjet

  • 08 okt 2018 om 21:29

    Dear Frank, As a relative newcomer to the business (1993!) I remember my interview in your office with yourself and Steve Rogers very well. We were talking about football and you asked me which position I thought you would hold in a team. I answered Chairman and you agreed but explained that you hold the unique position of being both the Chairman and Centre Forward of HI-TEC SPORTS FC. To have excelled in both roles for 35 years is incredible with inspirational enthusiasm and passion, still putting the ball in the back of the net and 'sticking it in the book!' Frank - you are in a Champions League all of your own! Congratulations! Best Regards, Ian

  • 08 okt 2018 om 21:22 LavrentiyLup LavrentiyLup

  • 08 okt 2018 om 20:36 Albertdof Albertdof

  • 08 okt 2018 om 19:50 RostislavHek RostislavHek

  • 08 okt 2018 om 19:12 std sar pa penis std sar pa penis

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  • 08 okt 2018 om 19:03 ProkopiyDweno ProkopiyDweno

  • 08 okt 2018 om 18:16 Evgraflandy Evgraflandy

  • 08 okt 2018 om 17:30 MakarHek MakarHek

  • 08 okt 2018 om 16:43 FaddeyKat FaddeyKat

  • 08 okt 2018 om 15:57 Vadimblows Vadimblows

  • 08 okt 2018 om 15:11 RodionFen RodionFen

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